2K Games has announced that XCOM: Enemy Unknown will arrive in the UK for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 12.

Consumers who pre-order the game from select retailers will receive the Elite Soldier Pack, giving them top-of-the-line solider customisation features. PC gamers will also be able to snap up an exclusive special edition of the game, which includes an art book; fold-out poster of the XCOM headquarters; XCOM insignia patch; and a collection of digital bonus assets such as desktop wallpaper, soundtrack and more.

"As we re-imagine XCOM, one of our goals is to evolve the experience while recognising what made X-COM one of the greatest PC games to date," said Sarah Anderson, senior vice president of marketing for 2K. "It's important to create an experience that is appealing to both existing fans and newcomers to the world of XCOM, which is what we're doing with XCOM: Enemy Unknown."

The Elite Soldier Pack will provide the ultimate tools for soldier customisation in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, including:

  • Classic X-COM Soldier: Players will instantly receive a new recruit in their barracks inspired by the original X-COM: UFO Defense. The iconic soldier with the blonde, flattop hairstyle will return in his full glory, modernized with the rest of the XCOM universe.
  • Soldier Deco packs: Players can customize their soldier with several aesthetic upgrades to armor suits, including the new Hyperion and Reaper soldier armor kits.
  • Complete color customization: A variety of colors and tints for all armor sets in the game allow players complete control to customize their squad's look.

"XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the answer to the 15-year craving that X-COM fans have been experiencing," said Steve Martin, president of Firaxis Games. "We wanted to find a special way to honour these die-hard fans, and the special edition and Elite Soldier Pack are just the way to do it."

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is due for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 12. Check out our latest preview here.