Xbox Game Pass rumoured to be adding a Family Plan

Xbox Game Pass rumoured to be adding a Family Plan
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Reports are claiming that Xbox is gearing up to add a Family Plan to Xbox Game Pass in the near future.

That’s according to Windows Central, who cite “trusted sources familiar with Microsoft’s efforts”. According to them, Xbox is planning to add the feature to allow up to five users to subscribe as a collective, sometime this year. Though the rumour doesn’t offer an exact price, it’ll be cheaper than buying five separate subscriptions.

According to the report, the system will use a Microsoft scheme already in place. Through Office 365, Microsoft accounts can already add themselves to a Family Account System. This allows those in that system to use the 365 subscriptions to Office programs like Word & Powerpoint across five accounts.

Further details are still hazy at this point, according to the report. So whether there’ll be separate versions for PC and Xbox or for the Ultimate and Standard versions is still up in the air. Microsoft is also yet to confirm this rumour at the time of writing, so of course take the info with a pinch of salt.

Windows Central also says they’re not sure when the Family Plan for Xbox Game Pass will be announced, but we’ll try and keep you in the loop should we hear an official confirmation.