Xbox Game Pass March 2024 brings first Blizzard game to subscribers

Xbox Game Pass March 2024 brings first Blizzard game to subscribers
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February has been a fun month for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, but we’re about to head into March. While the full lineup for next month hasn’t been revealed yet, we do know some of the upcoming Xbox Game Pass March 2024 games, and they include the first game from Blizzard since Microsoft’s acquisition of them and Activision.

Dead Island 2 has just joined Xbox Game Pass right now. It is available for Ultimate subscribers with new rewards available to unlock. Meanwhile, away from Xbox, some Game Pass titles are coming to PlayStation with the PS5 release date confirmed for Hi-Fi Rush along with the PS5 release date for Sea of Thieves.

While some Microsoft loyalists may have petty grievances with console exclusives going to PlayStation, the good news is that Microsoft is not abandoning exclusives and more of them will join Game Pass on day one. Not only will major exclusives join the subscription service on day one, but there will be third-party juggernauts becoming playable for free.

Xbox Game Pass March 2024 games

Below are all the Xbox Game Pass March 2024 games confirmed so far:

  • Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun – March 5th
  • MLB The Show 24 – March 19th
  • Lightyear Frontier – March 19th
  • Open Roads – March 28th
  • Diablo 4 – March 28th

More will join Microsoft’s subscription service library next month, but the full lineup is yet to be revealed. Still, while the full lineup isn’t out yet, it’s still a great selection of games to anticipate.

MLB The Show 24 is the newest installment in the hit baseball sports series, and Lightyear Frontier is a new early-access farming and crafting game ready to take over our lives. If it can match the popularity of early access Palworld, then subscribers are in for a treat.

Open Roads is a narrative-driven experience involving a woman and her mom uncovering the dark secrets of their family’s past, and Diablo 4 needs no introduction. While Diablo 4 doesn’t need an introduction, it is the first Activision/Blizzard game to join the subscription service since Microsoft’s acquisition was finalized in October 2023.

Microsoft has said that they intend for all Activision and Blizzard games to join Xbox Game Pass in the future, so eventually we should be seeing Call of Duty join the stacked library. It’s not happening in March, but it is sure to happen eventually.

In other Xbox news, Microsoft has reportedly used Palworld to show the future of Xbox Games. Forbes predicts Xbox will try to buy Palworld developer Pocketpair and  Xbox exclusive Grounded has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch.