2K Games has confirmed we'll be seeing a new entry from wrestling series WWE 2K22 this year, and given us our first glimpse of this year's game via a short trailer.

As promised, the video was shown during this weekend's Wrestlemania event and features long-time favourites Rey Mysterio and Cesaro going at it in the ring. Unfortunately, that's about all we're getting in the way of information for the moment, with the team currently keeping most of their cards to their chest but promise more information in the coming months. But we do know development will be once again handled by Visual Concepts who took over the series from long-time developer Yukes a couple of years ago.

Still, the footage certainly looks impressive—virtual Rey looks more like his real-life counterpart than ever—and it'll mark the first return for the mainline series since last year's entry was cancelled. Platforms and an exact release date are to be confirmed for WWE 2K22 (although we expect at least Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 as locks), but for now check out the first trailer for yourself below.


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