Wuthering Waves fan is selling their blood to save up for “extremely hyped character”

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The gacha genre is huge with Genshin Impact arguably the biggest of them all, and Wuthering Waves is another massive addition to the genre that has quickly gathered a huge fanbase following its full release. Similar to Genshin, fans are anticipating the arrival of cute new anime characters, and one Wuthering Waves fan is even selling their own blood to save up for an “extremely hyped character”.

The next banners for Wuthering Waves will come out with update 1.2. We have the expected release date for Zhezhi along with her leaked element and weapon. As for more games in the free-to-play genre, you can now fully play Zenless Zone Zero, and, if you’re fan of fellow gacha game Genshin Impact, you have the summer event and 4.8 banners to anticipate.

While Zhezhi is a highly-anticipated upcoming addition to the game, one fan is so desperate for the arrival of Scar that they’re making sure to save up right now.

Wuthering Waves fan is selling their blood to save up for Scar

On Reddit, user JesusLover34 has shared a post in the Wuthering Waves subreddit titled, ‘I’m using my blood as a way to save up for Scar‘. In the post, they elaborate on exactly what they’re doing.

They claim “Where I live I can go ‘donate’ my blood, 500ml. And I get 27€ every time. I can go every 3 months”. The OP further explains, “To get a 5 star guaranteed you need to make 16 10×Pulls. That’s 25.600 Asterite. The pass that you can buy costs 5.99€ (for me at least) and after 30 days you get a total of 3.000 Asterite”.

Lastly, the OP explains, “The pass runs out after 30 days, but with 27€ you can buy 4 which last for 4 months, during these 4 major months I can go donate again. And then get another 4 months worth adding up to 8 months (this is important)… This means after about 8 months I will have enough to guarantee me a copy of Scar… So basically I pay 1 Liter of my blood”.

In addition to explaining how donating their blood works towards saving up for Scar, the OP exclaims, “Since my blood goes towards people who need it to save their lives, that basically means Scar existing is saving people from dying”.

There are 250 replies as of writing, and the OP makes it known that they are fully serious. Responding to someone asking if this “Is this some new copypasta or are you enjoying the game a little too much?,” the OP said, “Nah I’m being Fr. Donating blood only takes like 20 minutes. And it’s a bit of cash on the side I can spend on stuff I like”.

The OP has said they’re going to ask next time about Plasma, but vast majority of the replies are encouraging with advice.

Unfortunately, there’s no release date for when Scar will arrive as a playable character. Even more unfortunate is the fact that it’s not official Scar will become a playable character in the future. It’s expected because of other games like Genshin Impact where important NPCs become pullable heroes, but right now it is not officially happening with Scar.

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