Wuthering Waves: Expected Zhezhi release date with exciting element, weapon leaks

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Wuthering Waves is another cute gacha game in the mould of other famous properties such as Genshin Impact. It is fun for fans of the genre, and it is currently free-to-play on PC and mobile. The update 1.2 banners will be coming out soon, and the developer has announced the upcoming arrival of Zhezhi. Here you will find the expected Wuthering Waves Zhezhi release date along with leaks revealing her element and weapon.

If you’re a fan of the free-to-play genre, there is a lot to appreciate this month alone. There’s been the release of Zenless Zone Zero, which is another game from the masterminds behind Genshin Impact, and there is also the release of new open-world survival game, Once Human. Of course, if you’re a fan of Genshin Impact, you have the summer event and 4.8 banners to anticipate.

While Genshin Impact is the king of the gacha genre, Wuthering Waves has now fully come out for mobile and PC. If you have hopped aboard the bandwagon, then you have the release of Zhezhi to look forward to fairly soon.

Expected Wuthering Waves Zhezhi release date

There is no official launch day yet, but the expected release date for Zhezhi in Wuthering Waves is August 15th. This hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s when update 1.2 will go live as the upcoming Changli banner will start on July 22nd and end on August 14th.

While update 1.2 should start on August 15th, it remains to be seen if Zhezi will be phase 1 or 2 in regard to banner releases. If she is phase 2, she will arrive after Xiangli Yao and come out in September.

The announcement on the Wuthering_Waves official Twitter account describes Zhezhi as follows:

“Zhezhi is a commissioned painter, quiet and shy with a dedication to her craft. She’s not very eloquent, but her persistence and love for painting speak volumes.”

Element and weapon leak

Although not official, leaks have possibly revealed the upcoming character’s element and weapon. According to prominent leaker hxg_diluc, via Uncle Birdie Window, Zhezhi is a Glacio support and teams with Jinhsi. As for her weapon, she wields a Rectifier.

While this is not official, Uncle Birdie Window was correct in leaking that 1.2 banners would include Zhezhi and Xiangli Yao, and that the upcoming “shy and quiet painter” wears glasses.

This is all that has leaked about the character so far, but she will be arriving relatively soon. It’s expected that she will be the phase 1 banner as she was posted onto the game’s official Twitter account first, but the banner order hasn’t been confirmed as of writing.

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