Nintendo "hasn't discussed [Wii U] pricing with retail," the firm's UK boss David Yarnton has told, telling us that the £199 and £279 price points pegged by a pair of UK retailers is "only speculation".

"We don't set the price," Yarnton told VideoGamer.

"People can only speculate. We haven't discussed pricing with retail either so whatever they do is off their own back. It's only speculation."

Last week, online retailer ShopTo priced the Wii U at £279, adding a caveat that the price was "subject to change".

Then, last night, UK super retailer Amazon pinned the price at £199, and suggested that the console could launch on July 14.

"I think if you look back at a lot of console launches," continued Yarnton, "people start looking to pre-sell and start putting them online.

"I've seen some prices in the past that have been so astronomically out of the ball park that they just put it there and sort it out later."

According to Yarnton, though, Nintendo won't be looking to sell the console as a loss leader, a strategy typically not shared by competitors Sony and Microsoft.

"We don't... We try not to sell any of our product at a loss," he continued. "That's one of the things Nintendo prides itself at."

A release date for Wii U has yet to be announced by Nintendo.

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