Will Dead Space Remake have New Game Plus?

Will Dead Space Remake have New Game Plus?
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The launch of EA’s Dead Space remake is closer than ever and fans couldn’t be more excited for the return of Isaac Clarke and the USG Ishimura. However, there are still plenty of questions that have been left unanswered regarding the latest horror title.

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One particular inquiry that players have often had is regarding its end game content. With so much to explore within the game’s supernatural world, discovering all of it in one playthrough is nigh impossible. For this reason, fans frequently ask about the possibility of the Dead Space remake having a New Game Plus. Here’s all that we know about the inclusion of this feature.

Does Dead Space Remake have New Game Plus?

Yes, Dead Space Remake will have New Game Plus on launch day according to a post from the game’s official Twitter account. The announcement was made through a short clip that showed Gunner Wright, voice actor of Isaac Clarke, answering a few questions about the upcoming relaunched entry.

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Fans of the game were predictably thrilled to hear the news. Some even started comparing it with The Callisto Protocol, which notoriously didn’t have New Game Plus immediately integrated. Wright also went on to add that “it’s always worth doubling back to check your work,” because “you never know what you might find,” indicating that there may be more to discover even after you’ve finished the game once.

The developers also may not reveal any more information as the launch is only a few days away. But with the thrilling title now set to release soon, fans can finally prepare themselves for the threat of the terrifying Necromorphs.

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