Wii U is not next-gen, says Michel Ancel

Wii U is not next-gen, says Michel Ancel
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Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, has said that he does not think Nintendo’s new console should be deemed ‘next-gen’.

Asked if the Wii U is a next-generation machine, Ancel replied: “Not really. I think Wii U is next-gen in terms of interface.”

Speaking to VideoGamer.com at E3, Ancel explained how he thinks others will be quick to imitate Nintendo.

“I think people are going to copy it, because you’ve got this mix between tablet, touch screen and big screen – big screen and little screen – there are a lot of possibilities.”

Pressed on this issue – whether he expected Microsoft or Sony to cook up something similar – Ancel replied: “I don’t know if Sony will do it, or Microsoft – but yes, I think it’s a possibility. But I think the main thing is to have this – offering new ways to play is very interesting.”

Ubisoft currently has several projects in development for Wii U, although Ancel was quick to confirm that Rayman was not one of them.