*LATEST* PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller release date, pre-orders, and newest features

*LATEST* PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller release date, pre-orders, and newest features
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Sony have revealed the PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller. Here is everything you need know about its release date, pre-orders and its latest features.

This professional grade controller comes with customizable controls, tunable stick and trigger sensitivity, amongst a list of other high-spec features.

The controller is aimed at competitive gamers, though those who enjoy single player games could benefit from the added customizability.

The controller asks a high price, and with the PSVR 2 releasing in the same timeframe, PlayStation lovers could be seeing their PS hardware catalogue growing, whilst their wallets get a little smaller.

If you’re wondering if the DualSense Edge is compatible with PC or PS4, our friends at WePC have taken a stab at that.

Players interested in the newly released of PlayStation Tournaments, might take especial interest in this new new controller that could give them the edge (if you’ll pardon the pun) over the competition. The first set of tournament, which are live now, even offer you the chance to win one of the controllers.

PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller release date confirmed

PlayStation have announced the DualSense Edge Wireless controller. They are releasing it on January 26th with pre-orders having already begun.

You can pre order the PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller exclusively here.

The PSVR 2 will drop in early 2023, on February 22nd to be precise. The January 26th release date of the Playstation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller might be an indication that the new VR headset might release in or around that date range.

The controller was previously announced in August after we saw a first look at the controller, though now that we have an exact date on the calendar gamers can already begin to prepare to upgrade their arsenal, as pre-orders are live now.

How much will the PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller cost?

The new DualSense Edge controller will cost you $199 / £209 / €239.99.

These prices are rather high for a controller, though this price for third party gaming controllers isn’t abnormal. With the added benefits of total controller customisability giving competitive gamers a considerable edge in games such as Modern Warfare 2 and Overwatch 2, games which demand a fine-tuned command over the controller.

Where to pre order the PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller?

The new PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller is available for pre-order right now. You can do exclusively from the PlayStation Direct Store. Doing so will guarantee you are amongst the first to use this new professional spec controller, released on January 26.

Not long after it will then go on sale on the sites and stores of big tech retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon.

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What are the PlayStation DualSense Edge’s new features?

The DualSense Edge controller is crammed full of features and specs that we haven’t yet seen on a first party PlayStation controller before.

  • Mappable Back Buttons – You can program combination button presses into a single click.
  • Adjustable Trigger Lengths – To adjust the sensitivity and pressure needed to activate the triggers on the back of the controller.
  • On-Controller User Interface – Switch between audio and visual profiles.
  • Customizable Controller Profiles – You can optimize your playstyle by being able to store up to three profiles on the controller, customize stick sensitivity and deadzone tuning, vibration intensity, trigger effect intensity, and more.
  • Preset Profiles For Stick Sensitivity – A variety of preset profiles for adjusting stick sensitivity.
  • Replaceable Stick Modules – No longer is stick-drift a permanent problem for your controller as you can now switch out your sticks to newer builds.
  • Changeable Stick Caps – You can replace the caps over the sticks to negate wear and tear
  • USB Braided Cable with Lockable Connector Housing – Strengthens the build quality of the controller and connectivity.
  • High Quality Case – The controller comes with a sleek sturdy shell like case to keep you controller and accessories protected and organized.
  • Familiar Form Factor – The controller design matches original DualSense build quality, including an increased surface area around the handles and more texture on the touchpad and triggers.

PlayStation DualSense Edge FAQs

How much does the DualSense Edge cost?

$199 / £209 / €239.99

When does the DualSense Edge release?

It officially launches on January 26th with pre-orders beginning October 25th.

Is the PlayStation DualSense Edge worth it?

The DualSense Edge is worth the price but only for those who take gaming the most seriously. This is because it does provide the slight advantage in competitive games such as Fortnight and Call of Duty, that can make all the difference at the highest level. However, for the average gamer it is not necessary.