Ubisoft's latest open world escapade Watch Dogs: Legion is launching this week, with reviews dropping across the internet (including our very own from Josh here) today. However many reviewers are reporting a serious game-breaking bug that seems to be cropping up in the Xbox One X version.

Mild spoilers follow, but according to Eurogamer (and corroborated by, among others, The Guardian's Games Editor Keza MacDonald in a tweet which we've posted below) a story mission entitled 404 sees the console complaining of overheating before it duly shuts down and left inoperable. According to McDonald, the good news is the console is replayable after it's cooled down for a couple of hours, but the bug means players can't continue the story mode and must contend with doing side quests and doing activities in the open world.

The good news is that Ubisoft are apparently aware of the issue, and have issued a statement saying: "We're aware of this issue and there will be a hot fix due to be released on 30th October which should help." 

But if you manage to get hold of a copy early, it's probably worth holding off for now if you're intending to play the game on the Xbox One X. Other consoles are said to not be affected by this bug, which explains why we never encountered it during our review of the game, which we undertook on a PlayStation 4.

Watch Dogs: Legion is scheduled for release Thursday October 29 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. 



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