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Warzone 2 empty mag glitch leaves players high and dry when they’re out of ammo

Warzone 2
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Warzone 2 players are currently growing frustrated at a glitch that seems to prevent players from picking up dropped weapons when their current mag is empty.

Players, especially towards the end of the game, are finding themselves unable to pick up an alternative weapon from the ground if they have to reload the weapon in their hand at the time.

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Essentially, it seems to imply anyone who’s started a reload animation is locked into it, until the end of the reload – especially when those couple of seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

Many have taken to Reddit to comment on the assumed glitch, and also bemoaning how the game appears to make you drop ammo “even if you accidentally pick up a gun you don’t want.”


Others are wondering if the move is deliberate, stopping players being able to quickly pick up a downed weapon and immediately start shooting, rather than waiting for the reload animation to finish.

However, some players claim it also depends on if your settings are prioritised to reload or interactions.

There’s not been much word on this behaviour from either Raven Software or Infinity Ward at the time of writing – so players are currently left wondering if it’ll be fixed.

For the time being, players can keep an eye on the game’s official Trello page, which is tracking the most prominent bugs and issues as they come up.

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