Warzone 2 devs have disabled controversial Birdseye perk due to gamebreaking bug

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Infinity Ward has finally decided to temporarily exclude the controversial Birdseye perk from Warzone 2 in order to address the game breaking bug that players have been complaining about for months.

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For those unfamiliar, the Birdseye perk is typically only supposed to allows its users to see the enemy’s position and the direction they’re facing on the minimap. Unfortunately, the notorious perk hasn’t been working as intended and instead has been giving players a UAV of the area themselves whenever one is activated.

The unfair nature of the perk prompted the community to report their findings through social media in an effort to bring attention to the glaring issue. Although it took a few weeks, it seems that the player base’s request has finally received the attention it deserves from Infinity Ward.

Official announcements on Reddit and Twitter regarding the fix have gone up and Warzone 2 users are understandably pleased with the decision to exclude it temporarily. MerK, a CoD content creator and CDL commentator, was especially pleased with the news as he went on to praise the devs for their prompt action.

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On the other hand, battle royale players on Reddit are split down the middle, with some reacting positively while others weren’t as enthusiastic. One commented had this to say about the decision: “Another nerf to players who want to play aggressively. Enjoy hide n seek sim.”

It’s currently unknown when Infinity Ward plans on bringing back these Ultimate Perks into Warzone 2. But based on how they’ve been handling prevalent issues recently, the community should get an update as soon as a solution is in place.

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