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MW2 fans await news on Weapon Vaults as others question if they might already be dead?

MW2 weapon vault
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The Call of Duty series has always tried to add new things to the series to freshen it up over the years, but one of Modern Warfare 2’s new features appears to have been done with very quickly.

Weapons Vaults were touted as “the ultimate weapon blueprint” when they were revealed last summer as part of the Gunsmith 2.0 system.

However at the time of writing – so far only one; the FJX Cinder – has been released, which was a part of the game’s Vault Edition.

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With the release of Season 2 around the corner, the MW2 Reddit has noted the lack of communication from Infinity Ward on any subsequent weapon vaults so far in a thread asking “Whatever happened to weapon vaults like the FJX?”.

Some players feel the lack of correspondence has been deliberate. “According to the developers prior to release, weapon vaults would be extremely rare,” says Huntsmanbravo.


“Since S2 was delayed in order to give the developers more time, there should hopefully be a weapon vault released in a shop bundle in S2.”

It is curious that we didn’t get at least one in the entirety of Season 1, although players have had mixed feelings on them in general.

It’s so rare I have one but couldn’t be bothered to use it. I’m not really sure what the point of them is.” Flippakitten responded.

Similarly, other players have pointed to disappointment with existing ‘standard’ weapon blueprints on the store as to a reason they’re happy to wait for IW to take their time with any future Weapon Vaults.

Hopefully, they won’t be left in the dark for too much longer – and we’ll hear of a new Weapon Vault soon. Season 2 of MW2 and Warzone 2 arrives on February 15.

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