Warzone 2: Community Wants Sniper Buff

Warzone 2: Community Wants Sniper Buff
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Call of Duty Warzone 2 has been out for just about three weeks now, and fans have continued to embrace the Battle Royale thrill that the new map has to offer as they chase after wins.

Although there’s a variety of aspects that make the new Warzone 2 experience so enjoyable, trying out and leveling up different weapon loadouts has to be on the top of the list for many as they navigate Al Mazrah.

However, amidst the fun of doing so, fans have noticed that one type of weapon in specific has been rather disappointing to use.

This is none other than the snipers in Warzone 2, which have caused quite the upheaval after fans have realized that most of them rarely if ever can complete one shot kills upon delivering a headshot.

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Of all the areas that can deliver the most damage once struck, the head is number one, with headshots at the forefront for why the TTK in Warzone 2 is one of the fastest out of all battle royale games. And considering how powerful snipers can be, fans have grown irritated by the fact that they can’t eliminate their enemies with one-shot snipes, particularly to the dome.

Despite this circumstance, can the fans expect that to change at all? And if so, is it really for the better? Without further ado, we’re going to breakdown those questions and provide some logical points for why snipers should and shouldn’t receive a buff in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2: The Pros Of A Sniper Buff

Warzone 2
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For starters, snipers are home to some of the most powerful weapons in Warzone 2, and whether you have a full shield or not, should reward clean headshots with one-shot eliminations for those using them.

Though delivering damage is great and all, getting eliminations is what will lead teams to secure wins. And if you’re constantly wiping your opponents shield plates off or downing them without actually finishing them, you are missing opportunities to thin out the remaining teams and get a step closer to landing a win.

Lastly, there’s large stretches of land and openings on Al Mazrah that offer a lot of opportunities for snipers to take advantage and pluck off opponents. But if snipers can’t complete one-shot headshot kills, how are they supposed to takeout enemies quickly in the open? They can’t. And as a result, are presented with a disadvantage.

Warzone 2: The Cons Of A Sniper Buff

Warzone 2
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First and foremost, overpowering any weapon type in a battle royale mode is a risky decision and can lead to a lopsided approach to a game that should cater to multiple different weapons and styles.

We’ve seen this with Meta weapons before, and if this were to happen to most snipers, it could lead to quite the drastic shift towards a long-range style of warfare. Can you imagine running out in the open in Warzone 2 only to be encountered by a flurry of snipe shots from five different directions? It wouldn’t be fun.

In addition, Warzone 2 has already become far too campy of a game to buff a weapon choice that promotes camping to the fullest. Movement and taking out opposing squads is key to being successful on Al Mazrah and buffing snipers would only cater an even more camping-oriented approach that could jeopardize the diversity of the gameplay.

As we’ve seen in Warzone 1 when it was home to both Caldera and Verdansk, buffing and nerfing weapons has been something Call of Duty implements for various weapons outside of snipers, and tends to do so on a rotational basis.

Seeing that this is a practice that Warzone 2 has continued to incorporate, it’s hard to envision Infinity Ward buffing snipers across the board anytime soon.

Warzone 2: Will There Be A Sniper Buff?

As of this writing, Infinity Ward has not made any mention of buffing the snipers in Warzone 2. If this sniper buff were to take place, it would likely come in the next update.

Should any news on the matter arise over the next few weeks, we will provide the latest information you’re after here. So be sure to check back when the time comes.

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