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Warzone 2 Battle Rage and Dead Silence still missing after a week

Warzone 2
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Warzone 2 has become notorious for the number of glitches that it currently has and it seems that another one has been discovered. This time around, it seems that the bugs in question are occurring with a couple of very popular field upgrades.

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Battle Rage & Dead Silence, two incredibly useful upgrades to have during a match, are seemingly being activated for a whole match. These two are some of the most popular in the game because the former gives player quick regeneration and resistance to tactical among others. On the other hand, Dead Silence muffles footsteps which allows player’s to sprint without being heard. Because of this, Infinity Ward was forced to temporarily remove them from the battle royale as they look for ways to fix it.

Unfortunately, it seems that the developers are still yet to find a fix for these issues as both perks are still missing from the game after a week. According to Warzone 2’s Trello page, a card detailing Infinity Ward’s efforts to investigate these glitches is currently still up at the time of writing.

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Players are also becoming increasingly exasperated because of what they feel is a lack of communication from the developers. Multiple Reddit threads have already been made regarding these noticeable problems. One post in particular had this to say about these frustrating flaws: “time to stop playing for like a month now. Wouldn’t surprise me if they extend this season’s battle pass.”


It’s currently unknown whether Infinity Ward already have a fix in place for these issues as they are yet to issue any announcements. However, we will continue to update this page with more details as soon as we receive more information.