WarioWare: Get it Together!
by on Jun 15, 2021

WarioWare: Get it Together! revealed, out September 10

WarioWare: Get it Together! is a new game in the WarioWare series, and it’s out on Switch on September 10.

It was revealed during the Nintendo Direct showcase at this year’s E3. And it seemed to suggest that Wario was the head of his own company—in what looked like California. It seems as though this mysterious antihero’s life lies beyond our reckoning.

Check out the trailer:

The description reads:

“WAHAHAHA! Lightning-fast microgame mayhem comes to Nintendo Switch in WarioWare: Get it Together! For the first time, YOU control Wario and his colorful crew in either solo or 2-player coop.”

Indeed, the standout feature of the new game is its two-player mode, as Wario himself demonstrates in the trailer. As you can see, you also control the characters inside each minigame, with a colourful cast to choose from.

This is the first WarioWare game since WarioWare Gold, which came out on the 3DS in 2018. Wario will also be making his presence felt on the fairways, in Mario Golf: Super Rush. In that game, he opts for chequered pants and a cowboy hat, thus cementing his superiority before the game’s release.

In any event, WarioWare: Get it Together! is out on Nintendo Switch on September 10.


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WarioWare: Get it Together!

on Nintendo Switch
WarioWare: Get it Together!

Release Date:

10 September 2021