Vampyr’s third dev diary looks at the citizens of 1918 London

Vampyr’s third dev diary looks at the citizens of 1918 London
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The third episode of DontNod’s ongoing Vampyr webseries has risen from its coffin, offering a detailed look at the citizens you’ll bump into as you explore the Spanish Flu-ridden streets of 1918 London.

These aren’t just regular citizens however. As newly-sired vampire Jonathan Reid, you won’t be merely using them for a quick chinwag; you’ll be sinking your teeth into their jugular to gain valuable experience points to increase your undead powers. 

Episode 3: Human After All details how you’ll be able to gain more XP by getting to know your victims, whether by curing their illness (Reid is a former quack) or by getting to know them better. Regardless, DontNod has made a big effort to ensure London’s population aren’t just walking Happy Meals, but rather living, breathing people with feelings — a more poignant moment sees Reid hearing their dying thoughts, for example.

Vampyr is due out for PS4, PC, and Xbox One in spring 2018.