Steam Deck to officially launch on February 25

Steam Deck to officially launch on February 25
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Valve has announced that its portable Steam Deck system will officially launch on February 25.

As per the official Steam website, the first batch of order emails will be sent out on this day to people who reserved their device. Those lucky folk will have three days from getting their email to decide if they actually want to purchase. Should they decline or fail to respond, their offer will be taken to the next person in the queue. The first actual-to-goodness machines will then be shipped out three days later, on February 28. More emails and invites will then be sent out on a weekly basis.

The launch comes following the announcement back in November that the device was delayed due to hardware shortages. Like a lot of computer companies over the last few years, Valve was not immune to global supply chain issues. Luckily, this announcement seems to imply they’ve managed to get through the other side, and now just some “loose ends and rough edges” are all that stand between now and launch.

Valve unveiled the Steam Deck back in July of last year. A handheld Steam machine, the mini-PC in your hands with a touchscreen will be one to watch. It’ll support a massive library of Steam games at launch, and more are surely to come. A number of developers have shown their games running on the system. These even included former PlayStation head Shuhei Yoshida, who showed the recently-released PC port of God of War running on the system just last week.