Counter Strike 2 is giving Mirage a much needed makeover based on latest update

Counter Strike 2 is giving Mirage a much needed makeover based on latest update
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The latest Counter Strike 2 update sees Valve finally deciding to give the ever-present Mirage map a much needed makeover. According to the developers, they’ve apparently decided to swap it out for Dust2 in order to introduce a few changes that should make playing on the classic location much more entertaining for players.

A few Counter Strike 2 smoke changes have also arrived as part of the latest patch, but these adjustments obviously pale in comparison to the news of a revamped Mirage. This is because ever since it was introduced to CSGO back in 2013, it is the only location that hasn’t been removed from the Active Duty pool. Its consistent presence in the competitive scene even helped it become the only map to appear in every single major competition in CS history following the conclusion of the 2023 Paris Major.

With this in mind, this decision from Valve doesn’t exactly come as a surprise as every other iconic locale, such as Overpass, Inferno, and even the infamous Dust2, have all received significant changes throughout the years. Several casual and professional players have also been calling for improvements to Mirage so its temporary removal from the game should undoubtedly please a large portion of the player base.

Unfortunately, the exact changes that are going to be made haven’t revealed by the developers yet so we’ll have to wait until its reinstatement to see the improvements. However, we will most likely be seeing significant updates on both bomb sites, including important tweaks to Palace and Apartments that’ll make entering and retaking these areas balanced for both sides.

If you want to read the rest of the changes that have been made with the latest patch, you can check it out through the official Counter-Strike website. Once you’ve got an idea of the enhancements being made, and have an idea of the Counter Strike 2 release date window, we recommend taking a look at our Counter Strike 2 system requirements and Counter Strike 2 tick rate changes page so you can stay up to date.