Stunning Valorant cosplay brings heavily nerfed agent Jett to life

Stunning Valorant cosplay brings heavily nerfed agent Jett to life
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Valorant is one of the most popular multiplayer shooters and Riot Games has just released Episode 7 Act 3. This has added another character to the game’s incredibly stacked roster of playable agents. All of the agents are beloved, and a cosplay of Valorant agent Jett is stunning. Jett is one of the most popular combatants in the game even after receiving heavy nerfs earlier this year.

Again, Riot Games has recently released Episode 7 Act 3. This has introduced the final new agent of the year. This new agent is named Iso, and he comes with a slew of unique and powerful abilities. The newest episode also came with update 7.09, and the patch notes share dozens of bug and gameplay fixes as well as ability tweaks for agents Cypher, Skyze, Fade, and Raze.

While new agent Iso is a fine addition to the game’s roster, many fans still prefer the original combatants. One of the many fan-favorites from the game’s infancy days remains Jett, and a stunning cosplay succeeds in bringing her to life.

Valorant agent Jett cosplay

Cosplayer toxicosplay wows in her outfit as Valorant agent Jett. This is one of the longest-established agents since the game was released all the way back in 2020. She has perfectly recreated the base skin for Jett, and the iconic white hair is perfect, too. You can hear her recite the character’s famous voice lines, too.

In addition to Instagram, she also shares her cosplays over on her TikTok account, rinwaifuu. She’s done an astonishing amount of cosplays such as Tifa from Final Fantasy VII and an assortment of characters from popular animes. She has 1.8 million followers on her TikTok account, and she is followed by over 200,000 people.

Of course, Jett is one of the most popular Valorant agents, although she was heavily nerfed back in August with patch 7.04. This nerf resulted in some players such as Derke claiming she was killed by Riot Games. Others shared hilarious memes of Jett dead and buried. Still, even though not as powerful as before for the pros, she is still a top-tier list character for the game.