Triangle Strategy
by on Sep 27, 2021

Triangle Strategy details demo feedback & will launch full game in March 2022

Square Enix and Nintendo have detailed the changes they’ll be making to Triangle Strategy following demo feedback for the upcoming RPG.

An extended demo was released under the game’s Project Triangle Strategy working title in February, offering fans an early glimpse. It also offered those same players a survey to give feedback to the development team. After approximately one million downloads globally as of September, they say they’ve received around 250,000 responses in the first month.

Some of the improvements detailed include the slashing of loading times between events. In addition, the game would previously return you to the World Map after each event. However, you’ll now be able to see several events in succession. There’s further streamlining with Auto-play and skip features added too.

Other tweaks include conversation logs and an event information review features to aid recall. Cursor speed has been adjusted, and icons have been made easier to distinguish to further aid in Triangle Strategy’s accessibility. Hard and Easy difficulty modes have also been added to the game.

Battles will also be getting an overhaul. Improved camera controls are also on the cards, along with a ‘simulation mode’ to check the outcome of actions before you commit them. Furthermore, turn orders are now shown on the AT bar, and gameplay tips have been added. There’s plenty more additions, which you can read about in the full article over here.

The full version of Triangle Strategy will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022. You can check out Josh’s extensive own impressions of the demo right over this way.


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Triangle Strategy

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Triangle Strategy

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