Two new game modes and new Titan customisation options are coming to Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment has announced.

Marked for Death, the first mode, is similar to 'VIP' seen in other multiplayer shooters, where one player on each team is marked as a high priority target. Teams of six must both protect their mark and take down the opposing side's.

Wingman LTS is a two-on-two version of Last Titan Standing, and is the first mode that isn't six-on-six introduced in the game.

New Titan burn cards will be added with the patch, which will include amped weapons and enhanced Titan abilities.

The patch will also improve matchmaking to show when players are connecting to lobbies as well as shuffling teams to match players of similar skill.

Finally, new Titan voice-overs will be available. There will be three in total, Lisa, Jeeves and the original, Betty. Titan decals will also be available, which can be unlocked once you complete challenges.

The patch will come to PC and Xbox One later this month, and "soon thereafter" for Xbox 360.

Source: Titanfall blog