Titanfall 2’s next update adds four-player co-op

Titanfall 2’s next update adds four-player co-op
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Respawn has been doing an excellent job when it comes to supporting Titanfall 2 with free content. Following on from last month’s pretty decent War Games map, Respawn is at it again. In the next update, scheduled for July 25, there’ll be some more maps, as well as a four-player co-op mode. A prime opportunity to gather a horde of mates.

Frontier Defense is a four-player co-operative horde mode where you work as a team to defend your Harvester against five waves of enemies of increasing difficulty. Earning cash from kills enables you to buy better gear between waves. Five maps will be supported in this mode at launch: Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Rise, and Blackwater Canal, with more to be added in future updates.

The PVP mode isn’t being overlooked, with two more maps coming: Rise, a desert reservoir, and Live Fire map Township, a compact residential area with larger indoor areas.

Also announced was another free trial for the game, beginning July 28-30. In the trial you’ll have access to the training gauntlet, a single player mission and full access to the multiplayer modes, so a good time to check out what’s widely regarded as a gem if you haven’t already.

Titanfall 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.