The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has announced that his indie publishing outfit, Skybound Games, will help finish development of the last two episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

Major details have yet to be confirmed, but Variety reports that original members of the Telltale Games team that worked on the zombie drama will be involved in the completion of The Final Season.

Telltale announced late last month that it had begun the process of a 'majority studio closure' and laid off around 90% of its workforce. It was initially believed The Final Season would be cancelled after episode two, although Telltale later said it was aiming to have the season completed.

Last week it emerged that Telltale was looking to have another studio hire ex-staffers to finish The Final Season. From the look of things, that's more or less happened.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season episodes three and four were originally due out on November 6 and December 18, respectively. Presumably they'll take longer to arrive given recent events, but at least now we know Clementine's story will get a definitive conclusion.

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