The Simpsons Hit and Run finally gets a remake, but it will never see the light of day

The Simpsons Hit and Run finally gets a remake, but it will never see the light of day
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The Simpsons Hit and Run, the wacky GTA-like adventure game featuring the crass yet lovable titular family, has finally received a remake nearly 20 years after its initial release. Unfortunately, this particular creation may never see the light of modern day gaming consoles as it isn’t actually an official project by a studio and is instead a labor of love by a dedicated game developer.

Now, the remake in question was apparently made by a YouTube content creator named Reuben “reubs” Ward who, throughout the past year, has been hard at work recreating a modern, open world version of the chaotic petty-crime filled game. He initially gave us a look into his plan after releasing a video entitled “Remaking The Simpsons Hit and Run, But its Open World #1” back in June 2022 wherein he showed viewers the initial development process for the remake.

This was then followed by a consistent stream of in-depth clips showcasing all of the methods he used in bringing the project to life until he finally gave fans a look into the finished product through his recently released video simply entitled “The Finale – Remaking Hit & Run #10.” In it, reubs played through the first eight missions of the game (including the tutorial) all while explaining how specific aspects of the remake were developed and improved upon.

Naturally, many of the responders below the video expressed their own desire to play the modernized game. But alas, it’s a creation that will never see the light of day because as commenter jesse2525 pointed out: “It’s a shame that such an incredible job can’t ever be released to the public due to [copyright] issues. I get it, it just sucks that talented people like you can’t share your work as a fan passion project, not a profit driver ripoff.”

Of course, there’s always the chance that developer Radical Entertainment and parent company Activision themselves decide to revive the fan-favorite Springfield-based game. But with the Xbox-Activision merger and the Call of Duty 2023 release starting to loom large, those looking forward to this particular revival may be in for a long wait.