The Quarry showcases 30 minutes of gameplay footage in latest video

The Quarry showcases 30 minutes of gameplay footage in latest video
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Supermassive Games has shown off the first 30 minutes of gameplay of upcoming Until Dawn spiritual successor, The Quarry.

The footage comes care of IGN, and gives fans an idea of what to expect from the interactive horror slasher when it arrives this June. On a surface level, it’s what fans have come to know & love from the studio behind Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology. (Albeit with a 2022 sheen, of course.) To that end, the opening scene introduces us to our first two characters played by recognisable faces. (Spoilers ahead, obviously.)

The prologue opens with Santa Clarita Diet’s Skyler Gisondo as Max & Deadly Class actress Siobhan Williams as Laura. They’re driving on a dark & rainy night and quickly find themselves lost and broken down, as horror movie characters are wont to do. Later on in the footage, we’re also introduced to Ted Raimi’s creepy Travis. We get to see a couple of quick time events and choices you’ll get to make. Of course, these choices have consequences on the characters interactions down the line.

A little further on & we’re into gameplay proper as the player takes control of Laura while Max works on repairs. You’ll be exploring your surroundings, looking for clues and filling in more of the game’s story. It looks like you’ll also be able to find Tarot Card collectibles, which seem to act as this game’s Totems.  There’s a 90’s style VHS vibe to the UI, fitting for the whole 90s-00s teen horror aesthetic the game seems to be going for.

It’s a familiar formula, but one that’s worked for the studio so far. We’ll find out if they’ve perfected it when The Quarry arrives on June 10 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.