New The Quarry multiplayer mode, Wolf Pack, is out now

New The Quarry multiplayer mode, Wolf Pack, is out now
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Supermassive Games’ latest horror-fest, The Quarry, received its first truly substantial update yesterday after being delayed back in May, which introduced a brand new multiplayer mode called Wolf Pack, as well as some new in-game additions and 80s-inspired outfits for the game’s cast of characters.

Wolf Pack is an invite-only multiplayer mode, where the host can invite up to 7 friends to watch them attempt to save the troubled teens from certain death at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp. This is no normal playthrough though, oh no. In Wolf Pack your friends will vote on major decisions in the game, with the majority dictating the outcome of that particular scene. Yay for democracy… although this can probably lead to some less than desirable outcomes, if you ask us… after all, person is smart, people are dumb.

On top of the new Wolf Pack mode, players will now be able to find all 6 episodes of the in-game podcast, Bizarre Yet Bonafide, in the game. These were previously only accessible on various streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music, which I am literally only just learning about now…

The Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast series centres around Grace and Anton, who are fictional paranormal investigators who are looking into Hackett’s Quarry and the mysteries that have arisen from the area. Yes, the same podcast that was previously mentioned in-game by Ryan, AKA Justice Smith. A podcast that until now I had no idea that it existed…

On top of that, Deluxe Edition owners will now have access to some 80s outfits for all the playable camp counselors. If you didn’t cough up the cash for the Deluxe Edition, tough luck, you’ll have to pay for them.

The Quarry’s Wolf Pack mode is out now, although our very own Josh Wise was not a fan of The Quarry at all, calling it “Until Yawn” in his review last month. Ouch! I personally quite liked it, well, apart from the hamfisted ending delivery. Each to their own, eh?