PGA Tour 2K23: Review in Progress

PGA Tour 2K23: Review in Progress
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2K’s PGA Tour is back after taking a couple years off from the franchise, making this the first instalment since 2K21. PGA 2K23 is as realistic as ever, and at the same time, 2K and HB Studios have done a great job of making 2K23 a more approachable game for everyone. Whilst is is also nice seeing Tiger Woods back on the cover of a golf game.

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That doesn’t mean 2K23 doesn’t have plenty of new features for players to sink their teeth into, despite it feeling much simpler in places. The key difference is a simplification of some of the menus, whilst the game still boasts a very thorough tutorial for newcomers. 

In PGA Tour 2K23 there are new game modes, RPG style skill trees and more that all help make PGA Tour 2K23 feel complete. HB Studios has also introduced a new swing style, the 3-Click swing. It’s a great addition for those who did struggle with the analogue swing, and once again, helps make this the most accessible PGA Tour game by 2K yet. 

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What also helps make the game feel even better this time around, is being able to play as, or against, pros. There are over 14 to choose from, offering a good variety in their skill sets. Popular basketball players can also be found in the game, with Steph Curry and Michael Jordan (if you pre-ordered the game) also featuring alongside the pros. 

The pros are a much needed addition, it did feel like they were missing in the past, but they’re here now and they look fantastic in game, much like everything else in PGA Tour 2K23. The level of detail in PGA Tour 2K23 is amazing, and the game is visually very impressive, from the pros through to the courses, everything looks great.

It’s a shame then that the character creator for your pro isn’t more in depth. You will most likely play a lot of the game as the pro you have built, as you try and win PGA Tour, yet when compared with the real pros they do look out of place. Some more variety in the customisations would have been a welcome addition.

Despite there being 20 courses in the game, they can grow to feel a bit samey. However, some of that is down to licensing issues that are out of HB Studios control, this also means the Masters and Open Championship are not in the game. 

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Fortunately that is where the Course Designer steps in. We haven’t had too much time with the Course Designer so far but it is certainly something we are very excited to sink our teeth into going forward. The potential here is almost limitless, if it is done right, and there are already some great courses people have made that you can try out. 

On top of the traditional game modes we have come to expect from PGA Tour, this time around we have a new game mode: Topgolf. This is an official licensed partnership with Topgolf recreating one of their driving ranges, so you can test your skill, trying to hit targets on the range with as much accuracy as possible. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-02-23 

There is no doubt that this will grow repetitive quite quickly by yourself, but where Topgolf will truly thrive is once you’re playing with your pals. It has a bit of a party game feel to it, that promotes a more relaxed experience, but one where you can still earn bragging rights over your friends. 

So far we are having a great time with PGA Tour 2K23. Once we have put even more time into the game’s other modes we will feel more confident giving the game a score, but for now PGA Tour 2K23 is a hit and does a great job building on what came before it without overcomplicating the game for newcomers.