A mysterious game titled The Phantom Pain was announced at the VGAs in the early hours of Saturday morning, but things don't appear to be as they seem.

While the game was said to be in production at newcomers Moby Dick Studio, internet detectives have uncovered clues that suggest The Phantom Pain is in fact Metal Gear Solid 5 and is being developed by Kojima and co. The biggest clues come from the fact that Moby Dick's CEO is named Joakim Mogren - Joakim is an anagram for Kojima. Other internet sleuths claim that the logo for The Phantom Pain can be used to create the name Metal Gear Solid V.

Regardless of what The Phantom Pain actually is, it certainly looks impressive. The trailer featured a on-armed man with a hook walking around an asylum. There was a distinct horror tone, with other patients being murdered. There's also a definite stealth feel to proceedings, with the man hiding under beds and crawling around - sounds like something you'd do in a Metal Gear Solid game to us.

Expect more news on The Phantom Pain, or Metal Gear Solid 5 - whatever the game actually is - in the future.

Source: NeoGAF | GameTrailers