The Last of Us Remastered’s 1.08 title update removes PS4 Pro supersampling

The Last of Us Remastered’s 1.08 title update removes PS4 Pro supersampling
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The Last of Us Remastered’s latest title update has removed the option for PS4 Pro owners to render the game at a native 4K resolution and supersample down to a 1080p TV.

Instead, the game will now always render at a native 1080p when attached to a full HD screen, resulting in reduced anti-aliasing.

In a post on the PlayStation forums, Naughty Dog’s senior communications officer Scott Lowe explained that the patch introduces “bug fixes and optimizations that will ensure a consistent and high level of performance on the PS4 Pro. 

“Now, when running The Last of Us Remastered on the PS4 Pro on a standard high-definition display, the game will run natively at 1080p and offer high-quality shadows when running at its high-framerate mode.”

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But the decision to remove supersampling has left performance analysts Digital Foundry ‘perplexed’, who explains that Naughty Dog’s patch “just doesn’t make sense”.

“We’re not entirely sure why Naughty Dog has done this,” says Digital Foundry’s report, “simply rolling out the 4K optimisations would have kept everyone happy, regardless of the screen their Pro was attached to.”

The patch does have some benefits for 1080p owners, though, including a totally locked 60fps frame rate with high quality shadows enabled. Digital Foundry argues, however, that the option to switch between a supersampled 4K mode and native 1080p mode would have been preferable.

“Even Knack has an option when the game boots that allows players to switch between high performance and a higher resolution output,” the report continues.  “It offers choice to users and gives access to all Pro modes to everyone. Surely this is the best way forward for all PlayStation 4 Pro releases going forward?”

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Besides locking out supersampling and improving 1080p performance, title update 1.08 also improves the game’s frame rate when running at 4K.

The Last of Us: Part II was announced at PlayStation Experience on Saturday.