The Last of Us: Part II new trailer reveals February 2020 release date

The Last of Us: Part II new trailer reveals February 2020 release date
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In its State of Play showcase, Sony published a new trailer for The Last of Us: Part II and confirmed its release date: February 21 2020 for PlayStation 4.

There was a rumour that the new game would be out in February, but it’s nice to know for sure. And, the new cinematic trailer revealed an atmospheric insight to the plot of The Last of Us: Part II. The following will be super spoilery, so this is your forewarning!

Ellie and her love interest, Dina, are scouts for the survivor settlement seen at the end of The Last of Us in Jackson County. They and their group hit the road to scavenge for supplies and brave the frozen wilderness. ‘You run into anything you can’t handle, you come back,’ the leader intones, over scenes of Ellie and Dina plummeting into a dilapidated building that is beset with the dreaded clickers.

The two seem to be separated, with Dina possibly kidnapped by an antagonistic faction of survivors, and Ellie rides on to search for her in a blizzard. She stumbles across an abandoned lodge with its lights on, and investigates a track of blood into its basement. It isn’t crystal clear what happens, but it appears that Ellie fights the kidnappers unsuccessfully and Dina is executed before her eyes.

‘I have to finish it,’ Ellie says to Joel’s brother Tommy, after an apparent time skip. In what looks like springtime showers in forests, Ellie hunts down the enemies responsible for Dina’s death. She will encounter deadly infected, including the return of dangerous bloaters, and will stop at nothing until she gets the justice she seeks. And, at the very end, Joel appears to helicopter-parent in on Ellie’s quest for vengeance

The Last of Us: Part II will release on February 21 2020 for PlayStation 4. Watch the new trailer below.