Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann has taken to Twitter to tease what we assume is the latest addition to the cast of The Last of Us: Part II, only this time it's of the four-legged variety. Yep, we can safely say the sequel will feature a dog. Mind blown.

The game director posted a shot of himself flanked by a lovable-looking pooch kitted out in a motion capture suit, accompanied by the text, 'Year of the Dog.' That's about all there is to go on right now, although having a canine companion joining you in the game sounds like a natural evolution for the franchise; after all, there's plenty of animals freely roaming the world free of infection. 

The Last of Us: Part II is currently in development exclusively for the PS4, although a release date has yet to be confirmed. Unlike the original game, the sequel will see you controlling Ellie, now a 19-year-old hardened survivor, as she embarks on a quest for revenge against an unknown party. 

Watch the latest trailer for The Last of Us: Part II here.

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