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The Last of Us Part 1 PC patch – Naughty Dog confirm new hotfix

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Following on from what can only really be considered a shaky launch, The Last of Us Part 1 PC is in much need of a patch. So, when is said patch coming?

The first iteration in the franchise launched in late 2013 on the PS3, and since then, the game has been remastered, seen sequels and prequels, and been remade from the ground up. Now, the PS5 remake has been ported to PC, and those are words that ‘mouse-clickers‘ have always dreaded.

Upon release, when I finally got onto the game, I was temporarily trapped in a loading loop. After that was sorted, I then had to sit through two hours of shaders loading. I got into the game and had a fiddle around with settings to optimise the game for my PC. I was confident going into it that I would be able to run the game smoothly as my rig far surpassed the recommended settings, though I was proven wrong swiftly.

The game was suffering incredibly low frame-rates, despite toggling DLSS on and off, and my VRAM was effectively maxed out. This all came after I had calibrated the best graphics settings which we collaborated with WePC on. The game needs a fix, so when is a patch coming?

When is next The Last of Us Part 1 PC patch coming?

Following on from the recent update, Naughty Dog have gone ahead and confirmed they will have “a new hotfix live for The Last of Us Part 1 on PC [on April 4th], and a patch on [April 7th].

They’ve also stated that they will update users with patch notes when the hotfix lands, however there has been certain grumblings as the community are disappointed in the lack of support for Steam Deck. Stating that they’re “prioritizing fixes and patches before …” working on Steam Deck compatibility.

According to Naughty Dog, a patch had previously been in the works, which has now been released according to a developer blog post.

The developers have quickly followed up on their promise by providing an immediate patch following an outpouring of scathing reviews upon the game’s release. A few players have commented that the update has helped their experience tremendously. Unfortunately, there are still some users that are experiencing the same problems, which indicates that Naughty Dog may be releasing another update in the near future.

The developers had this to say in their announcement: “A new hotfix for The Last of Us Part I is now live. This update primarily focusses on stability and performance improvements and other smaller improvements.

The team is closely watching player reports and actively working on a patch with more bugfixes, to be released soon.”

However, while the response from Naughty Dog is welcome, it hasn’t stopped the game from being panned by audiences. One user on Steam wrote “Crashes every 20 minutes. Game is badly optimized. Game looks great just needs to be better optimized.” Nearly 2,000 people responded to the comment as ‘helpful’ which doesn’t really look good for the game’s profile.

Without an actual time-frame for a new patch release from Naughty Dog, we can only make predictions on when we could see it. Based on the immediate release of the latest update, however, fans can take solace in the fact that the development team is busy working on fixes for the game at this very moment.

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