The Finals gets a quick hotfix while offering up a mysterious future tease

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Online shooter The Finals has had a quick additional hotfix today, taking the game up to 1.6.1 and fixing some issues introduced with the game’s most recent Mid-Season patch.

As a result, the patch notes are incredibly slight with just one major note and Embark Studios admitting to inadvertently introducing some balance changes from a couple of patches prior that were accidentally lost in the previous update. In addition, however, the update also makes some changes to the game’s leaderboard, and Embark has teased “You might see a surprise when you start the game, so keep your eyes peeled.”

Said surprise may have already been uncovered by the community, however – as members of the The Finals subreddit managed to find the video in the game’s files even before this official announcement. Of course, this means they’ve already been pouring over the video despite its brevity to attempt to seek answers. Said players are hyped for the teases, such as Large_Independance81 who says “Let’s Go baby, that’s what I asked for in future updates. This is going somewhere crazy I can just feel it.” “Love this stuff,” concurs Sylvus_ “These things matter. Makes it all more entertaining and exciting.

We’ll have to wait and see where these mysterious teases may lead. In the meantime, here’s the patch notes in full from Embark Studios.

The Finals 1.6.1 patch notes

  • This hotfix will bring back the balance changes and the fix to crossplay matchmaking from Patch 1.5.5 that were accidentally lost in the Mid-Season Update 1.6.0. Sorry for the confusion, yolks!
  • We’ve also made changes to fix the leaderboard and you might see a surprise when you start the game, so keep your eyes peeled.

Right now the game is offering a bunch of freebies for players to get their hands on – if you’re interested, check out our guide on how to get how to get the The Finals PS Plus pack offers players a free VOLPE Immersion Bundle – here’s how to get it

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