The Finals fans agree on first Season 3 weapon that needs nerfs

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The Finals Season 3 began last week and most of the reception has been positive. The game has taken us to Japan with an assortment of Japanese-themed weapons and gadgets for each of the classes. While these new weapons and gadgets are great, The Finals fans seem to all agree on the first Season 3 weapon that needs nerfs from Embark in their upcoming patch.

Make sure to check out the update 3.0.0 patch notes to see all of the fixes and balance changes for Season 3. So far, the most controversial aspect of Season 3 has been the removal of Cashout from Ranked in favor of Terminal Attack. This massive change has upset the community, but the good news is that it’s likely Cashout will return to Ranked in the future.

While the removal of Cashout from Ranked has been the number one complaint amongst The Finals community, fans are also begging Embark to nerf the LH1.

The Finals fans want nerfs for LH1

Many in The Finals community are calling for LH1 nerfs to be delivered in the first Season 3 patch update. At the beginning of Season 3, the following changes were made to the LH1:

  • Updated firing animation, which should make the weapon easier to use
  • Decreased fire rate from 300 RPM to 280 RPM
  • Decreased bullet dispersion when crouching and standing still, making the weapon more precise
  • Increased player damage from 49 to 52
    Dev Note: Overall the effective damage of the LH1 should remain roughly the same, but it should now be easier to use, less nauseating, and more precise when standing still, as well as incentivizing headshots. The lower RPM should help make it feel distinct and make it easier to maintain targets in sights

Despite insisting that the “effective damage of the LH1 should remain roughly the same, but it should now be easier to use,” fans on Reddit are asking Embark to “Nerf the LH1 to the ground“.

The complaint is that the “LH1 is overpowered as hell, the buff was too much [as] it has 15 ammo, short reload, 3 shot light, 4 shot medium, 3 headshot heavy, and the fire rate is so fast”. The OP of the Reddit thread also suggests that everyone is “using that busted weapon”.

In the replies, fans unanimously agree that the LH1 needs nerfs. One of the top comments says, “It’s only a question of how soon given how many people are complaining about it in competitive”. Another comment says, “they [Embark] really could’ve just left it at the visual rework and fire rate, didn’t need a damage buff whatsoever”.

Another user said, “It’s making mid players seem like gods”. There are other Reddit threads calling for the LH1 to be nerfed, so hopefully Embark is listening to the community. In addition to the LH1, fans appear to also have issues with players spamming the Sonar.

The first update for The Finals Season 3 should be delivered on Wednesday, June 19th, but occasionally patches come out on Thursday, meaning it could arrive on June 20th instead. They are a weekly occurrence, and it will be interesting to see what balance changes Embark implement first.

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