The Finals fans rejoice as APS turret gets nerfed to oblivion

The Finals fans rejoice as APS turret gets nerfed to oblivion
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Following Embark Studios’ release of its latest patch, several The Finals players are rejoicing, thanks in part to the massive APS turret nerf. For those unfamiliar, this Medium build-specific device could be used to render projectiles within its vicinity useless. So, if you were partial to using a grenade launcher or a goo gun in matches, you probably weren’t given much chance to enjoy the wide-reaching fun that these weapons could bring before this update.

According to Embark Studios’ The Finals 2.10.0 patch notes, “the APS turret now consumes a set amount of health for each projectile it destroys.” An additional note then reveals that “the health cost per destroyed projectile is 40%,” which means the turret will disappear after it comes across, say, three grenades. This almost makes the APS turret useless in matches since its short lifespan means its effectiveness will be limited. Luckily, it has a short cooldown, so you can deploy it fairly quickly.

Of course, this isn’t the only change that the community is celebrating. The devs’ latest patch also included massive buffs to throwing knives, which some are already calling “busted.” Embark Studios increased the weapon’s projectile speed and the damage it deals, making it more viable in matches. The devs also reduced the delay between each knife’s spawn time, which means you can hit your targets with a faster and steadier barrage of sharp death.

These were just some of the main changes that will undoubtedly affect The Finals’ meta moving forward. However, this patch also included several content and bug fixes that should only make the game more enjoyable for its player base. Now, before you jump back in, check out some of our guides on The Finals best weapons tier list and The Finals best gadgets so you can bring the ideal setup into each match.