Tears of the Kingdom player figures out how to pet the dog

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Since Tears of the Kingdom’s launch, players have been trying to figure out how to pet the lovable dogs that can be found throughout the kingdom of Hyrule. Unfortunately, pet lovers everywhere were devastated to find out that you couldn’t actually give a man’s best friend a few adoring head scratches while venturing through the game.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the presence of dogs in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll be able to see them throughout the land in various shrine locations and stable locations. Once you find one, you can feed them different types of food such as apples and meat, which they will gladly accept.

Although most players have resigned themselves to feeding dogs instead of petting them, one Zelda fan has seemingly figured out how to do it, albeit in an indirect and impractical way. A Twitter user named GreenyRob85 recently shared a clip through a post wherein they could be initially be seen feeding a dog with an apple.

Immediately after they saw the dog eating the fruit, the player would then turn their camera to reveal a massive, hand-like contraption that they made with the Fuse ability using wood planks and logs. They proceeded to pick up the monstrous mitt with the Ultrahand ability and used it to pet the dog. Sadly, the dog did not like the feel of the huge wooden hand on its head as it proceeded to zoom away from Link afterwards.

If you really want to try petting one of the dogs in the game, then this may be the only method that you can use to do so. Just try not to squish one of them with the gigantic, wooden hand or you may just end up becoming public enemy number one in Hyrule and the Tears of the Kingdom community.

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