Tears of the Kingdom ruined other games for players

Tears of the Kingdom ruined other games for players
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Tears of the Kingdom has been majorly successful since its release, and with fans having waited so long to play the game many are now struggling to go back to other games after completing Link’s recent adventure. Specifically, players miss features like Ascend and Fuse when playing other games.

Taking to Reddit, user Gentlemononon noted that since playing the game for nearly 150 hours and being so close to getting 100%, they decided they were going to take a break. However, moving over to games like Elden Ring and Spider-Man proved to be a difficult task as when they encountered any platforms they began to think, “Yeah I can ascend up there.” However, this only led to disappointment as they soon realised they weren’t playing Tears of the Kingdom.

Following on from that, this feeling followed them into the real world as after a tiring walk home they were again disappointed that they couldn’t just Ascend from their balcony into their bedroom. Gentlemononon wasn’t alone, however, as other players noted the same feeling. UnusualTrash5203 said, “I did this way too many times when I played BOTW. I would think ‘I have enough stamina to climb that building’…”

Another user said, “I keep thinking I can grab and fuse things irl. We need help lol.” This feeling doesn’t seem to be limited to Tears of the Kingdom either, as one user noted that when playing Destruction Derby in the 90s, on a number of occasions they would see “a car while driving and think how I could hit it just right and get a 360 spin.” That’s a scary thought, so maybe keep yourself vigilant if you ever find yourself on the same round as this player.

While players are certainly thinking about using Link’s abilities in real life I sincerely hope they never come across something that resembles a Korok! However, it seems Tears of the Kingdom players have moved away from bullying Koroks to focus on the most annoying character in the game. Let us never forget though how players tortured Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom and it was heartbreaking.

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