Pikmin 4 players’ favourite addition is a tab that shows “hot singles are in your area”

Pikmin 4 players’ favourite addition is a tab that shows “hot singles are in your area”
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Players have been loving everything about Pikmin 4 since its release a few days ago but one thing that has taken the Pikmin community by storm is a tab that players have described as displaying “hot singles are in your area.”

Taking to Twitter, and later the Pikmin Reddit, user SuperBentendo posted the below image with the caption, “My favourite addition to Pikmin 4 is the meter that tells you how many of your Pikmin are sexy.” This of course blew up on social media with many Pikmin fans unable to contain themselves as they added further comments to the joke.

Credit: SuperBentendo

Comments of “draw me link one of your French Pikmin” and “hot Pikmin in your area” littered the post’s comment section on Reddit with one player commending SuperBentendo saying, “That’s a great ratio of sexy to non-sexy! Keep it up!” Others were quick to note their delight at the “sexy pose” becoming a series mainstay. Another user who claims they haven’t even played Pikmin said, “Never played Pikmin but this is also my favourite feature.” Series veterans were quick to urge the user to play the game and rightfully so.

This discovery might have caused some unwanted relationship issues for some players as one user commented on Twitter saying, “Referred to this as the “sexy lounging Pikmin sign” to my wife and she was furious.” While some players were bewildered as to why Nintendo “made it such a seductive pose” others were quick to come to the defence of all Pikmin saying the image was wrong and “All Pikmin are sexy.”

We’ll let you decide on the validity of these statements though as you’re able to play Pikmin 4 right now on Nintendo Switch. In other gaming news, Starfield fans can’t wait to explore the galaxy together and Diablo 4 players call game’s Battlepass button “Malicious Design”.

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