Grand Theft Auto V has now shipped over 90 million copies worldwide since its initial release in September 2013, Take-Two said during its earnings call overnight. Not only that, but players are apparently fine with chucking their money at its multiplayer mode, with GTA Online microtransactions still raking in major dollars. 

Despite this, Take-Two's bigwig Strauss Zelnick noted the industry behemoth is 'focused on players, not payers,' and that by providing gamers with free, compelling content for GTA Online 'the monetisation will take care of itself.'

The publisher revealed that both GTA Online and NBA 2K18 established new records for 'recurrent consumer spending,' which is just posh PR talk for how much money the company is hoovering up from digital goods including microtransactions, DLC, and subscriptions. 

Speaking of GTA, developer Rockstar launched its latest update just a few days ago, offering a bevy of discounts for what it calls Battle Week. 

In related news, Take-Two recently confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 will launch in October, although has assured fans that it won't see another delay. In addition, the publisher teased that a 'highly anticipated new title from one of 2K's biggest franchises' is still on the horizon, which to our noses has a whiff of Borderlands 3 about it. 

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