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Syphon Filter 5 incoming?

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Kotaku reports that Sony Bend is rumoured to be working on a new title in the popular Syphon Filter series.

Two facts point towards Syphon Filter 5’s development. Firstly, Sony Bend published a job advertisement earlier this month seeking a game tools programmer with experience on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Secondly, a Syphon Filter 5 credit over on PCB Productions, a digital content studio in LA. The credit stated, “SYPHON FILTER 5 – (Facial Mo-cap) – PLAYSTATION3- SONY BEND”.

Sony Bend has been the developer behind the entire Syphon Filter series and more recently has been working on Resistance: Retribution for PSP.

We’re currently waiting to hear back from Sony, but don’t expect anything more than the typical “rumour or speculation” response.

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