Streets of Rage 4 is out now on Android and iOS

Streets of Rage 4 is out now on Android and iOS
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Streets of Rage 4 is available today on Android and iOS devices, so you can now thump people with added portability.

The game came out in 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It was really good, as well. In VideoGamer’s review of the game, I said:

“The game, like its forebears, is best squeezed into a stolen afternoon, taken out tactically when one’s spirits begin to droop. The people that have been waiting for this, in one way or another, for over two decades, may well feel some missing part of their soul slotting back into place, like a silicone cartridge.”

I can’t imagine that playing Streets of Rage 4 on a mobile is going to be great. The game is fast and frantic, and its overall difficulty is fairly high. It rewards reflexes and accurate button inputs. The idea of powering through its gauntlet by smudging a phone screen elicits a bit of a shudder.

Mind you, the more people that play the game the better. The publisher, Dotemu, has a special reputation for retro revivals. It previously brought Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap back to our screens. And its most recent game, Windjammers 2, was an absolute thrill.