Street Fighter 6 has apparently been delayed because developers and testers weren’t too keen on it (via Wccftech).

DuskGolem, an industry insider who has been on the money in the past, claimed that producer Yoshinoro Ono has been demoted from his role on Street Fighter 6. This is because his vision for the next game focused too much on a team mechanic, which wasn’t received well by testers, internally and externally. Yikes. Now, “someone else” is in control of the direction Street Fighter 6 will take, and will “fix” what went wrong. 

It’s possible that corporate officer Midori Yuasa is at the helm, because her credentials match up to what DuskGolem has heard. In addition, it was reported that Ono had been moved from active development of the Street Fighter series to Capcom’s esports division in March 2020. Yet, we shouldn’t take what this industry insider has said as gospel. They might have gotten their wires crossed, and the game is progressing smoothly with no complications. With no official statement from Capcom on the rumours, we’ll have to hold our horses for now. 

Street Fighter 5 is out now for PC and PlayStation 4.

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