Steelrising from Greedfall developer Spiders slips to September 8

Steelrising from Greedfall developer Spiders slips to September 8
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Spiders has announced that it’s delaying its upcoming French Revolution action RPG Steelrising from June to September.

The French studio made the announcement on its Twitter account while showing off new gameplay from the upcoming title. In the tweet, the developer explained simply: “We know some of you are eager to play but we want to ensure the best experience possible for the game on release day.”

The gameplay footage, meanwhile, comes via US publication Game Informer. During which, several members of the development team including lead writer Jehanne Rousseau showcase just over 5 minutes of gameplay. Steelrising will be a much more action-focused RPG than their previous offering, 2019’s Greedfall.

As previously established, the game takes place in an alternate-history French Revolution, complete with automatons. That includes you as the bodyguard of Marie Antoinette, meaning you’ll be upgrading yourself with parts and weapons you find in your quest. Once you do this, not only will you get new combat abilities, but you’ll also find new ways to explore the setting of Paris. An example given includes a grappling hook that you’ll use to explore new areas and potentially unlock new paths.

You can check out the full video, care of Game Informer, for yourself down below. Steelrising will now arrive on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC on September 8, 2022.