Stay is heading to PlayStation 4 and Switch

Stay is heading to PlayStation 4 and Switch
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Developer Appnormals Team has announced that pixelated PC and Xbox One thriller Stay is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Publisher Ratalaika Games is also bringing the game to PlayStation Vita.

Stay adopts a pixel-art aesthetic and has you aiding a bloke named Quinn, who after being knocked out cold wakes up in a room with only a computer and desk nearby.

Quinn manages to make contact with someone (that's you), and from there it's a case of trying to help him out of the mess he's in by giving him advice and helping him solve a bunch of increasingly-difficult puzzles.

Talking to Quinn will gain his trust or make him super awkward depending on your responses; the more he trusts you, the more he will share about his feelings and backstory. There's 24 chapters in total, and if you're not careful, Quinn can end up brown bread if your decision making is off-point. 

One interesting mechanic is that the clock is always ticking. If you leave your system for whatever reason, the game records how long you have been away. So, if you go to bed, sleep eight hours and then boot up Stay, poor Quinn will have been on his lonesome for the same amount of time.

Stay is a game that's meant to be played multiple times, as there are a myriad of things to say while you are talking to Quinn that can't be experienced in one playthrough.

I've played Stay on Xbox One and it was bloody brilliant. However, I'm probably a rubbish person to talk to in that predicament, as I suggested Quinn leg it by bashing down a nearby door; he tried, and the door fell on him, squashing him to a bloody pulp (at least I think that's what happened; it was difficult to tell given the pixelated visuals. But yeah, he was definitely dead). 

Stay will be released on PS4, PS Vita, and Switch this summer.