Star Wars Jedi Survivor community’s pre-order bonuses are vanishing into thin air

Star Wars Jedi Survivor community’s pre-order bonuses are vanishing into thin air
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has quickly become one of the more popular releases of the year thanks to its brilliant environmental design and challenging gameplay. Much like any other AAA game, however, it seems that the latest intergalactic creation from EA and Respawn Entertainment still has its fair share of frustrating bugs.

Unfortunately, addressing these issues won’t be as easy as accomplishing the Spawn of Oggdo boss fight and the Rancor boss fight. But with that said, a fix should be released soon as the developers have often been highly responsive and communicative when it comes to resolving in-game problems.

According to several Reddit users, the latest glitch that they’ve been encountering is making their Jedi Survivor pre-order bonuses disappear from the game entirely. This includes both Standard and Deluxe items that could be earned by ordering the game early, such as the “Hermit” cosmetic, the “Scoundrel” cosmetic, and the “Rebel Hero” cosmetic. This recent glitch also isn’t limited to a particular platform as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC users have all reported experiencing it.

Over the past few days, numerous Reddit posts have already been made sharing their experience regarding the disappearing pre-order item glitch. One Redditor named u/Tae17Yong said that they had “all the extra content that came with the pre-order and deluxe,” but when they went to log in to their account again, all the DLC freebies they had disappeared.

They’ve also tried using all the typical methods of troubleshooting errors, which included rebooting their PC, reinstalling the game, and even contacting EA support. However, none of these methods have worked yet as their items still haven’t reappeared in the game.

The post creator, along with a few commenters, are speculating that this issue came from the most recent patch, which was released in order to address the bug-filled release of Jedi Survivor. With this in mind, the previous update may indeed be the culprit as most players didn’t have any issues with items and cosmetics before its release.

EA and Respawn Entertainment are yet to address this problem so fans will have to remain patient for the time being. Based on the developer’s track record, however, we may not have to wait too long for a fix to this frustrating issue.

While you wait for a resolution, we suggest learning how to use Star Wars Jedi Survivor Priorite Shards and how to interact with red objects in Star Wars Jedi Survivor so you won’t have any trouble with these particular elements.

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