Star Wars: Hunters gets a new trailer, is pushed into 2022

Star Wars: Hunters gets a new trailer, is pushed into 2022
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Zynga and Lucasfilm Games have released a new trailer for upcoming free-to-play team arena game Star Wars: Hunters.

The trailer introduces us to several characters battling on the planet of Vesaara. Hunters from across the Star Wars universe are battling it out in the mysterious Arena. We’ve got dark side warrior Rieve with her red lightsaber taking on Mandalorian Aran Tal. They’re quickly joined by Wookie warrior Grozz and a pair of Jawas known as Utooni. Finally, Rebel veteran Zeina joins the fray and the battle kicks off.

Other characters include former Stormtrooper Sentinel, bounty hunter Imara Vex and droid J-3DI.  This is all to show off some of the characters you’ll be able to pick from in the four-on-four battler. The Arena itself is one of the game’s locales, which promises a “fast paced and visually stunning” Star Wars conflict.

The game was originally revealed back during the Nintendo Direct back in February. Though it was expected to launch by the end of the year at the time, the new trailer now dates the game for a 2022 release. You can check out the Star Wars: Hunters trailer for yourself down below.

Star Wars: Hunters is set to launch as a free-to-start offering on Nintendo Switch and on iOS and Android. Cross play is supported, and you apparently won’t need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play.