I know, I know: disappointing for who, fnar fnar? Star Wars Battlefront 2 launched late last week, amid ongoing disappointment at the loot crates and microtransactions, and then confusion about said systems as EA made changes to how much in-game currency characters cost to unlock, and then temporarily paused the whole microtransaction system.

Battlefront 2 entered the boxed charts in second place, with its physical sales down by just over 60% over Star Wars Battlefront in 2015. This is partly down to the fact that EA says it's seen an increase in its digital sales figures, which means that fewer people are buying boxed games anyway, but GamesIndustry.biz reckons digital won't have made up that whole difference.

It's possible that the sales will pick up again as we approach Christmas, and there could be a bump in there again with Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting cinemas, but it seems like Battlefront 2 is struggling with its image problem. There were even reports that Disney had to step in to stop EA screwing up such a big franchise.

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