STALKER 2 devs hacked and immediately threatened with data leaks

STALKER 2 devs hacked and immediately threatened with data leaks
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GSC Game World, the developers behind the upcoming FPS horror title STALKER 2, have apparently been hacked by a group claiming to be from a Russian social network. The same hackers are now allegedly threatening to use the data they obtained for blackmail and intimidation purposes.

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According to an official developer blog post, this isn’t the first attempt to hack or leak their data as they’ve been experiencing these frustrating incidents for well over a year now. They go on to state that they have consistently faced various “acts of aggression, attempts to hurt players and fans, as well as efforts to damage the development process and the reputation of their company.”

In the same message, GSC Game World asks their fans to “refrain from watching or distributing information about STALKER 2” in the event of any leaks. It’s currently unclear what kind of data the hackers were able to obtain. However, the developers still noted that “outdated and work-in-progress materials may dilute the impression of the final idea” they’ve worked hard to integrate into their creation.

Even though the announcement itself conveyed a grim notion, it still ended on a somewhat positive note as the development team said that their mission is to commit all of their strength and passion to complete their project and deliver it to the fans.

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Since its initial announcement in 2010, STALKER 2 has suffered several delays due to numerous factors outside of GSC Game World’s control. Hopefully, this latest incident doesn’t derail their plans of releasing this game in 2023. But if any important information does indeed end up getting leaked, it may just end up ruining the launch for a large number of fans.